Lightwater Valley Plans For A Lively Year As February Family Fun Event Sells Out}

Lightwater Valley plans for a lively year as February Family Fun event sells out


Declan Ellis

Lightwater Valley is one of the most exciting UK theme parks and with attractions for people of all ages, from toddlers to parents, it makes for one of the best days out Yorkshire has on offer. There are more than 40 wonderful rides and attractions dotted around the Valley, and this year looks to be a particularly successful one for the park. As amusement parks go, this is without a doubt the best one in the region and their annual February half term event has already completely sold out, so if you want to enjoy exciting days out Yorkshire at Lightwater Valley this season, make sure you get your tickets early!

For a week in February when most UK theme parks are still closed for winter, Lightwater Valley hosts Fab Feb Family Fun, an event where part of the park is open for younger families to come along to and play on giant inflatables, ride some of the smaller attractions and meet a variety of cute and cuddly animals. Visiting amusement parks with little ones can sometimes be stressful or difficult especially if youve got a few children to look after but at Fab Feb Family Fun, the Lightwater Valley team make sure it is an enjoyable, memorable day for everyone.

Lightwater Valley as a whole has always been proud of the fact that it provides excellent days out Yorkshire for everyone to enjoy. It is home to the longest roller coaster in Europe which is great fun for thrill-seekers, but it also has a strong focus on attractions for smaller children one of which is the largest Angry Birds Activity Park in the UK. In 2017, there are exciting plans for new attractions at Lightwater Valley. As one of the most vibrant UK theme parks, it is important to bring in fresh new activities for guests to enjoy and this year, Lightwater Valley welcome a new play area with interactive games, a new sand digger area, a bouncy pillow to play on and a new elephant ride.

Days out Yorkshire at Lightwater Valley are made even more special at Lightwater Valley by the extras provided at this fantastic family theme park. Not many amusement parks can say that they also have their own falconry that guests can visit for no added price on top of their admission ticket. Lightwater Valley, however, have a spectacular Falconry Centre which even hosts daily flying shows for guests to enjoy. This is something that makes the Valley stand out among UK theme parks and particularly attracts people who love animals to choose Lightwater Valley when theyre considering amusement parks to visit.

To find out about this wonderful family theme park and to book your tickets for brilliant days out Yorkshire, visit the Lightwater Valley website. You will also find details of the amazing collection of attractions and any news about the park. As one of the most loved UK theme parks, youre guaranteed a day out to remember at Lightwater Valley in 2017.

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