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Using The Secret Law Of Attraction Three Methods

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Using The Secret Law Of Attraction Three Methods


Felicia O. Fillmore

Since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably seen the docudrama, The Secret. It focuses on the Law of Attraction and has had a great impact on folks all around the globe.People have tried to implement the law of attraction and have found it to work. Their testimonials jam the movie’s website The Secret. Having seen the movie, many folks weren’t impressed with the secret law of attraction and sneered at its attraction as only a misleading hoax to publicize the film and rake in more dough.

The secret, as far as I’m concerned, is a powerfully useful law that can bring around positive change to people’s live.Myself, along with thousands of others, have used the secret to positively change their lives. Others have tried and failed; of course, they can be loudly heard lambasting the law of attraction as a hoax.

If the secret law of attraction has worked for thousands of others, you may be wondering why it didn’t work for yourself.

The problem lies with the fact that you have gone about the application of the law in the wrong way. You must be applying it in a relevant and appropriate fashion, and you must be precise and persistent as you do.Application, application, application is the secret to the law of attraction. Don’t expect a check in the mail or a call from a movie star asking for a date. Patience and persistence are the watchwords of the secret.

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Compared with other animals, the human brain is a large organ considering our relative size. Once that powerful organ is focused, it becomes a formidable powerhouse.The secret law of attraction isn’t just a wishing machine . It needs to have the full power, the full faith of your controlled mind to work.Any machine needs energy to work, the energy from your subconscious mind is the powerful source that will drive the secret law of attraction.Believing in the power of your mind is essential to getting the law of attraction to work for you. With that power you can unlock doors, answer questions, and find that which was lost.Do you lack faith in yourself? Are you distraught with fear and uncertainty? You must banish those negative traits in order for the law of attraction to work for you.

Your focus is most important:

Without focus, you are like a ball gone wild at a ping-pong tournament. I know from my own life experience that focus is all-important.Dilly-dally is not the way to think; if you are happy one moment and blue the next, you’re not doing anything but wasting your life’s time any effort will result in nothing.

Understand yourself with some soul-searching:

Analyzing life’s ups and downs is sometimes good, but many very smart people who are constantly thinking end up going nowhere.Manifestation of your desires requires being in touch with your feelings. Your subconscious mind powers that manifestation. Thoughts control emotions, emotions control actions; remember that.

Don’t forget to act:

The secret law of attraction. Notice that the last word in the previous sentence has action as its last part. That’s what’s required to make the law work action.You can visualize something forever, but it won’t appear by itself. You must take action.

Apply it consistently, apply it properly, that is what is required to make the law of attraction work.Getting your subconscious mind to work in the way you want it to takes persistence and practice.Channeling your thoughts and emotions and focusing on your desires is what will make the secret law of attraction work for you.Once you get it set in your mind, once your inner eye has that perfect picture, then take actions to achieve your goal.

Don’t just wish for wealth, love, or happiness realize them by using the secret law of attraction.Frustration is common. Don’t let it get you down. Many tales of woe begin with, If I’d just taken that one extra step!

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Using The Secret Law Of Attraction Three Methods

3 Tips To Choose A Quality Fur Coat

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

3 Tips to Choose a Quality Fur Coat


We Love Fur

Choosing a quality fur coat means being able to tell the difference between fake fur and real fur, and it is important to be able know what the difference between the two is. There are some great tips that you can use to be able to help you not only to find a real fur coat, but to be able to select the top quality fur coat. Here are three great tips that you can utilize to find a high quality fur coat in the market today.

1. The fist tip for finding a quality fur coat is to look at the color of the coat. Most fake fur coats are bright in color, and this usually is the first indication that the fur might not be real. You will also want to feel the texture of the coat and judge on whether it is real or not. Additionally, real fur coats usually come in subtle colors rather than the bright ones, and this is something you would want to keep in mind when choosing your fur coat.

2. The second tip is to look at the root of the hide or material of the fur coat. This usually will help you determine on the authenticity as well as the quality of the fur coat. You would want to look closely at this aspect of the coat, and you will be able to easily tell on whether the coat is genuine or not, and whether it is of high quality, which is what you are looking for here.

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3. Lastly, you will need to look at how the fur coat is to be washed, and what suggestions are there for washing. One thing that you need to know is that real, high quality fur cannot be washed in water. The coat can only be washed using a special petrol wash. If the dealer suggests that you can wash your fur coat in water, then there is a high chance that it is a fake and low quality fur.

It is always better to avoid fake fur at any cost because it is very bad for the environment.

These are great tips that you can use to find your high quality real fur. You also need to do extensive research if you are still unsure, and all the information you will need to be able to purchase a great fur coat is readily available on the internet.

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How Credit Card Processing Services Can Give You A Leg Up On The Competition

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Submitted by: Elizabeth Mcginley

They say you can t stand in the way of progress. Once the public embraces a new idea, there is no going back. The French call it a fait accompli, which literally means an accomplished fact. Resisting change is as American as apple pie. It is also often an exercise in futility.

Credit cards have been around for over sixty years. Diners Club and American Express offered them to preferred customers way back in 1950. They were called plastic money and they could only be used at select locations. Their popularity steadily increased, but it was not until the debit card was introduced in the late 1980s that electronic payments started truly gaining ground on cash and checks.

Plastic surpassed paper as the most popular payment method in the U.S. in 2003. Six in every ten retail transactions are now completed with a credit or debit card. The figure is even more one-sided online, where nine in every ten transactions are electronic.

What is a Merchant Service Account?

Every business that accepts credit/debit cards must have a valid merchant service account. Issued by banks and financial institutions, merchant service providers are the gatekeepers and custodians of the electronic payment industry. It is their job to approve or decline each transaction. They also see to it that the merchant receives payment from the customer s credit/debit card company. Once the payment is received, they deduct their fees and transfer the remaining balance to the merchant.

Why are they important?

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For online sellers or e-businesses, merchant service accounts are a must. There is no other reliable way to receive payments from customers. But traditional brick-and-mortar companies can conceivably remain cash only. Delis, diners, car washes and convenience stores customarily request cash.

Patrons of these establishments seldom put up a fuss. They understand that these businesses focus on low prices and high volume sales. As a result, accepting electronic payments would cut into their already slim profit margins. Most customers can forgive them this minor inconvenience.

However, when customers are paying retail prices for expensive items, they expect to be taken care of. Whether we are taking about TVs or designer dresses doesn t really matter. People shop at retail stores because they want to find exactly what they need. They want to try it on, try it out, and ask questions.

Shopping Experience

Americans are arguably the world s best shoppers. The U.S. is one the few nations with a holiday (Black Friday) that is based entirely on consumerism. Many folks complain about shopping for the holidays. They talk about the long lines and the crowded stores. But the truth is that most Americans love shopping. They love it so much that they are willing to spend more for a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.

Most people know that online shopping is cheaper and more convenient than shopping in the stores. Even so, only eight percent of retail purchases are placed on the Internet. The only thing that has changed is their preferred payment method.

Pros and Cons

When a retailer s average sale is over twenty dollars, a merchant service account should be considered. Yes, they do cost money. A merchant will make a bit less on each and every sale. He will have to remit a transaction fee and pay a discount rate. He may even have to pay a fixed monthly fee.

That s the bad news. The good news is that most businesses are able to expand their customer base when they offer additional payment options. Not to mention the fact that the average credit card transaction is twenty dollars more than the average cash purchase. There are many reasons for this. One simple explanation is that people have a penchant for spending money they don t have. Another is that we are all slaves to instant gratification.

But whatever the reason, the fact is that people spend more when they swipe than when they fork over their hard-earned cash. That fact alone is enough to convince most business owners to apply for a merchant service account. How about the holdouts?

Making the Change

There is a certain charm to remaining cash only. Making change is certainly more satisfying than asking a customer to sign on the dotted line. The customer hands over his money and you give him something in return. Both parties are happy. Credit cards are a bit more complicated. They may even lead to a confrontation.

What if you have to ask the customer for his identification? What if you have to call his bank? That customer is unlikely to ever return, so those are legitimate concerns. They are also, however, overstated.

Credit card fraud in traditional brick-and-mortar stores is quite rare. It is so rare, in fact, that most credit card companies do not charge or fine merchants when they process a stolen card. Transaction fees and monthly rates are also much lower when businesses accept payments in person. In short, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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Online Stores Destination For Winter Mens Clothing

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Online Stores – Destination for Winter Mens Clothing


Arjun Guptha

As the winter season is approaching slowly, you can start searching for winter clothes. Plenty of winter mens clothing stores can be found in your locality. One of the latest trends in winter mens wear is mens jacket long sleeve with hood. When temperature turns frigid, this special jacket can keep you warm and toasty. There are jackets that look good but made out of poor quality material and may not serve the purpose they made for.


Fabric is what jacket and other winter mens clothing made out with. Knowing how to judge fabric quality is the key to make a good deal on jacket long sleeve. There are all sorts of fabric use to make long sleeve jackets. Usually Cashmere fabric is used in quality and expensive jackets. People in snowy weather prefer to wear such fabric jackets. Jacket that is made out of long lasting, usability and quality fabric can be used. Beside fabric, finishing is also to be checked, such as buttons, zips, poly fill, threads and others.

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Style and Fittings:

Wearing fit jacket is the key to look good in winter season. There are wide ranges of size and verities available in mens jacket long sleeve and winter mens clothing that can be picked from online stores. Land based stores can also be searched. Usually online stores offer huge range of varieties in prices, size and style. Before going online find out your size in order to search jackets properly. Besides fitting you can also search online stores for different styles and fashions. Price may vary according to product.

When you walk in to local stores to search winter mens clothing, you might experience that they have limited range of size and you have to walk away bare handed. You can choose to go online in such situation.

Cleaning options:

General clothes can be washed easily but cleaning of warm clothes takes special care. Different winter mens clothing can be cleaned by different method. Some can be washed in cold water and some require warm water. Before buying any warm clothes make sure that you read the washing instructions. Jacket long sleeve usually can be dry clean. This is affordable and easy option to clean any fabric made clothes.

Online stores vs local stores:

You must have question that where to buy a long sleeve jacket and different winter mens clothing? The answer can depend on your convenient. There are people who love to walk in malls and market to view different products in market and to do particular shopping. You can t ignore the fact that online stores have better offers and wide range of selections in jackets. Today commercial websites are secure and money transaction on them can be done very easily and safely without any problem. Even shopping online can be done from the comfort of your home, which saves time and money. So, if you just don t like to go online, give it a second chance. It is assured that you will get a better deal on winter mens clothing by going online compare to your local stores.

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