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Risks To Keep In Mind When Loading Rolloff Containers

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Submitted by: Shane Barton

Loading a rolloff container can be a dangerous effort if you don t know what you do. From using a back brace, to correctly lifting and staying away from common pitfalls, you are able to increase your chances of a secure loading.

If you think that the work might be too much for you, always keep in mind that there are professional loaders to assist if your project is simply too daunting. And also, your vehicle rental company can definitely help suggest a good rolloff container company for you.

Accessories: Use Back Belts

About 20 percent of injuries and ailments are caused by workplace duties. Most of which are due to the lifting of heavy things. These ailments amount from 20 to 50 billion dollars annually in medical bills. As a precaution, the health industry suggests the use of ergonomic methods to prevent such problems. With this said, the consumer health industry has developed back belts to assist people in lifting heavy objects. Back belts are actually commonplace in the workplace. The next time you are in a retail store, pay attention to the stockers; it is likely they have on them back belts.

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Proper Lifting Method

Avoid bending in the waist to raise your load. Instead, squat when lifting to lower the load. Keep your lower back inside a bow shape directed inward while you are twisting over; do not lock or draw power from your back. Keeps the full weight of the object close to you and once you start to lift, start with the head. When switching directions, use your feet and not your whole body. Avoid jerking, rotating and any sudden movements.

When lowering the load, keep the back bowed back to the inside; stagger or keep your feet apart. Make sure you put on comfortable shoes with great traction, and check your surroundings to ensure there is nothing that might impede your movement or cause you to lose your balance as you make your way to the rolloff container.

Things You Always Need To Remember When Lifting

1. Don t lift, bend or even reach with your back again curved outward.

2. The better your posture, the easier the lift.

3. Plan out everything in order to keep stress as low as possible – Since home improvement, spring cleaning and moving in general is a stressful experience to start with, make sure you are on top of things by making a to-do list and to never deny help from others.

4. Don t be concerned too much of your other chores. Concentrate on the project at hand. Besides, when it comes to food, you can always order takeout.

These are the things you need to consider in loading rolloff containers and dumpsters. Just remember and put it in mind that in order to have a harmless rolloff loading and to avoid injuries, proper lifting method must be followed. Have an easy rolloff loading and get rid of the waste, garbage, rubbishes and unnecessary things away from your home. Connect with Georgia containers now!

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The Biggest Lie In Boxing Workouts.}

Friday, February 10th, 2017

The biggest lie in boxing workouts.


Rob Pilger

The most needed and under trained bio motor ability I’m talking about is maximal strength. I’m going to briefly explain why you must lift heavy weights to reach your full potential, and why in fact heavy weights won’t inhibit your potential as many boxing trainers think they do.

Lifting heavy weights will make you slow is a myth that has been around for many years. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be dying anytime soon either. This old myth comes from boxing coaches who never questioned it and who no nothing about strength training for boxers. Ask any coach what is their main goal in training their fighter? Their answer usually is, to make their fighter faster, and more powerful for their upcoming fight The fact of the matter is that most fighters are bloody weak! These coaches don’t understand that to get fast, you first have to get strong. To get strong, you have to lift heavy weights. Performing a hundred push ups and lifting light weights for over 25 reps won’t get you strong. Training with high repetitions won’t, but lifting with high reps are what a boxing coach will often have his fighters perform.

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Boxing skill coaches also fail to understand that strength and speed, are the prerequisites for power. So to be powerful, you have to be strong and fast. There is no other formula for power. If you ignore it, you don’t reach your full potential.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you do nothing but lift heavy weights, they can make you slow. The key is though you must combine speed strength exercises with your strength training to increase the rate of force development. This combination of training means will then make you more explosive. The thing I question is, don’t you increase your rate of force development hitting the speed and double end bag? Yes you do. Keep in mind, by rate of force development, I’m talking about how fast you move an object. That’s the key, how fast you move. If you wanna be fast, you have to move fast.

A strength training block won’t make you slow as long as you add speed training exercises after a strength base is built. You can add more speed exercise in a future block or add both speed exercises and strength exercise together in the same training block to increase speed.

The results of adding these training means is you have a fighter who is truly faster and stronger. That’s what ends fights quick, explosive power. To be explosive you first need to be strong so you can be fast. Speed is born from strength. Weak fighters aren’t fast for a reason. When you are strong and fast, then you have true power. Once you are powerful behind sound skill, you are a dangerous fighter. I hope I’ve shed some light on this old wives tale for you. The next time you hear a boxing coach say lifting heavy weights will make you slow, you will know better to listen to that ignorance.


to get a 21 day trial membership for elite boxing training videos, articles and interviews with top coaches. Rob Pilger creator of

is a Certified Strength/Conditioning Specialist and Level II USA Boxing Coach.

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Best Material For Building Business Show Display Products

Thursday, January 30th, 2014



Bridgette Palazzi

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