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C Tfin52 64 Study Guides}

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

C_TFIN52_64 Study Guides


Judith M. Ehlers

Question: 1

Into which types can Special G/L transactions be divided? (Choose three)

A. Automatic offsetting entry

B. Noted item

C. Value adjustment

D. Interest

E. Free offsetting entry

Answer: A,B,E

Question: 2

What controls the posting key? (Choose three)

A. Account type

B. Debit/credit indicator

C. Document type

D. Number range

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E. Field status

Answer: A,B,E

Question: 3

What are the prerequisites for setting up cross-company cost accounting? (Choose two)

A. The same fiscal year is used for all company codes.

B. The same variant for open periods is used for all company codes.

C. The same chart of accounts is used for all company codes.

D. The same currency is used for all company codes.

Answer: A,C

Question: 4

You want to capitalize an Asset under Construction (AuC) using the line item settlement process. However, the settlement does not work. What could be the reason? (Choose three)

A. The AuC has not been released.

B. There is no settlement profile assigned to the company code.

C. The settlement profile does not allow assets as valid receivers.

D. The status of the AuC is set to Summary Management.

E. The Depreciation Engine is not active.

Answer: B,C,D

Question: 5

What is one of the benefits of document parking?

A. It enables technically incomplete documents to be posted.

B. It enables individual document numbers to be assigned.

C. It provides a user friendly way of changing posted documents.

D. It enables the use of the dual control principle.

Answer: D

Question: 6

When dealing with Financial Statement Versions (FSVs), how do you ensure that the requirements of the various target groups (for example auditors, tax authorities, and banks) are satisfied?

A. Create different versions of the same FSV.

B. Create one FSV, then save different variants based on the needs of the various groups.

C. Create one FSV and enhance it with different sets of notes.

D. Create different FSVs based on the needs of the target group.

Answer: D

Question: 7

You entered a G/L account posting and received an error message which says that account type S is not allowed. Which object causes this error?

A. Currency key

B. Document type

C. Posting key

D. Field status variant

Answer: B

Question: 8

Your customer wants to clear minor payment differences for incoming payments automatically. Which objects do you have to use to fulfill this requirement?

A. Tolerance groups for G/L account and tolerance groups for employees

B. Tolerance groups for G/L account and tolerance groups for customers/vendors

C. Tolerance groups for employees and tolerance groups for document types

D. Tolerance groups for employees and tolerance groups for customers/vendors

Answer: D

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How To Make A Podcast In 5 Easy Steps

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

By Jay Jennings

More and more people are subscribing to, and listening to, podcasts. Whether you’re interested in current affairs, old-time radio shows, comedy skits, music, or technology news, there’s a podcast for you.

And with the demand for more podcasts comes a need to learn how to make a podcast. Everybody knows it takes tons of money and a lot of experienced people to make a radio broadcast, and while some podcasts are big-budget productions, the truth is…

…most podcasts are created by a single person sitting in front of a computer in their own home. How to make a podcast is not rocket science, and once you’ve been given the formula, you’ll know how to create a podcast — in just 5 easy steps!

1. Hardware – Other than your computer, the only piece of hardware you need is a microphone. And while spending hundreds of dollars for a pro-quality microphone will probably help with your sound quality, there are a lot of mics in the $30-$60 range that are more than adequate for creating a podcast. Some computers come with a built-in microphone, but use an external mic if at all possible — your sound will be much better.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Software – Just about the only software you have to have is an audio recording program. There are a lot of commercial options available, but there’s an open source (which means free) program that works with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, and is very good for creating your podcast. It’s called Audacity and can be found at

3. Your Topic – If you’re going to create a podcast you need a topic, of course. You can choose one based on the reason you want to do a podcast. If it’s to make money, or drive traffic to your web site, etc., then you’ll make your decision based on business reasons. However, if you want to learn how to make a podcast about something you’re passionate — perhaps a hobby — then that will drive your decision.

4. Content – Now that you have the hardware and software to create a podcast, and you know the topic, what do you talk about? Some people talk off the top of their head about their topic, but a lot of people feel a podcast sounds more professional when there’s at least some sort of scripting. You can usually find content for your podcast by using the search engines, or, one of my favroites, using private label rights articles as the content for your podcast. With PLR content so widespread, finding the content will be the easiest step in how to make a podcast.

5. Publishing and Promoting – Your podcast has been recorded, now how do you get it in the hands of people who want to listen to it? The best way to do that is to get it into the iTunes Music Store. There are other podcast directories available, but the “big cheese” is iTunes. And the best part is, getting your podcast into iTunes is as easy as filling in a few blank spots and clicking a button. Once your podcast is in iTunes, you could have thousands of people subscribing.

How to make a podcast doesn’t have to be hard, but it can be a bit intimidating to someone who’s never ventured into this type of production. The best advice is to take it one piece at a time and just start making your own podcasts. You may even make some that only the cat hears — but each time you give it a shot you’ll be gaining confidence and experience.

If you have a passion about a topic, or if you have business needs for extra web site traffic, a podcast may be the solution for you.

About the Author: Jay Jennings is the author of Podcasting In About An Hour, a video training system that gets people up and running with their own podcast – fast. You can get full details about the course at


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Accommodations In Maldives The Very Best Alternative For The Unforgetable Vacation

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Accommodations in Maldives – The very best Alternative for the Unforgetable Vacation


Steven Robert

Maldives is an excellent vacationing vacation spot and welcomes about hundreds and millions of people from approximately the globe to its property daily. Prolonged white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and even clearer skies with palm bushes along with the pure bliss of your ocean, the island s of Maldives present a picture from the heavens over. The normal splendor with the location may be the portion from the allure of your islands and is also the principal motive for a volume of vacationers, tourists and honey moon married couples flying to it on daily basis. To house the volume of readers, you can find different luxury lodges in Maldives, which supply both excellent expert services and also the convenience and entertainments of your hotel vacation. Under would be the descriptions of a couple of of your Maldives motels making sure that people today can select and choose the ones of their choices and pal accordingly for his or her pay a visit to to this piece of heaven on soil.

Initial comes the Kam resort, Maldives. Located at an envious site, currently being close to to the airport and the jetty services, the Kam Lodge Maldives is an ideal spot to stay whilst that you are on vacations and want to love both your resort vacation and your time for the islands. Apart type the accommodations\’ prime spot, this three starred lodge gives very best of providers, lodgings and foodstuff to its guests all at snug and very easily reasonably priced rates. The Kam Lodge is such a spot that makes visiting the islands affordable and can make you delight in just about every penny you invested. Close to to all of the critical places from the city of Males, the Kam Resort is definitely an perfect area to stay when you need to delight in your hotel continue to be and your time to the island as well.

YouTube Preview Image

Subsequent will come the Central Lodge, Maldives. Located from the heart of your city of Males, the hotel will get its brand because of its prime location. At a handy distance from all of the major attractions inside the city and close to to the many transportation establishments, the Central Resort is the best spot to remain whilst you might be for the go. At ease accommodations, excellent foods, round the clock area expert services and that far too at economical value, the Central Lodge, Maldives has all of the primary amenities one may well want being a modern day\’s traveler.

Final but not the the very least will be the Hulhule Island Resort, Maldives. Supplying their visitors an practical experience to survive a lifetime, long immediately after their vacation inside the resort is through, the Hulhule Island Lodge would be the beat location to remain though you take a look at the lovely island of Maldives. Wonderful foods and delightful exotic cuisines from all over Maldives, may be the major attraction from the Hulhule Island Lodge. Comfortable rooms and excellent providers as well as a warm and hospitable surroundings round the lodge, helps make it an ideal option for abode whilst on vacations or perhaps on organization trips. Coupled with complimentary roundtrip to and from your airports, the hotel may be the 1 regarded finest for client attention and excellent services. Upcoming time visiting the Hulhule Island in Maldives, decide on the Hulhule Island Resort to remain and delight in.

For far more information on accommodation in Maldive Islands, satisfy visit

Hotels in Maldives


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How To Lift Sagging Breasts And Drooping Breast Treatment

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

How to Lift Sagging Breasts and Drooping breast Treatment


Dr. Lee Mikal

Sagging or loose of breasts is a natural, inevitable procedure that happens to all women at some point – except to those with fairly small breasts.

The most notable sagging happens with the procedure called breast involution (see below), but breasts can start loose a little at any age, because they do NOT have muscles in them. They have ligaments and connective tissue.

When the gravity pulls the breasts down, those ligaments and the skin can stretch, and so the breast then droops.

This depends on the suppleness of your skin and of your ligaments, as resolute by your genes and diet, and also on normal aging processes.

Obviously large breasts will sag easier since the gravity is pulling them down more. When breasts bounce through active sports, such as tennis, those ligaments can also be stretched or even torn. A good sports bra can minimize that effect.

Causes of Lift Sagging Breasts

Sagging or drooping of breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point – except to those with fairly small breasts.

The most notable sagging happen with the process called breast involution (see below), but breasts can start loose a little at any age, because they do NOT have muscles in them. They have ligaments and connective tissue.

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Treatment of Lift Sagging Breasts

Many women may be unhappy with their tone for different reasons. Age, pregnancy and support issues are all factors that contribute to sagging breasts.

Some women just want a bigger bust. The good news is there are workouts for breasts that can be done to help.

These, combined with natural herbal supplements can place you well on your way to the figure that you want, without the pain and money involved in augmentation surgery.

You may be interested in the various forms of exercises to get the bustline you want. One place you can find out information on exercises for lifting sagging breasts is at your doctor’s office.

Nowadays, another great resource is online. You can find some great workouts for breasts to get better tone, reduce sagging, and help increase the look of breast size.

Home Remedies for Lift Sagging Breasts

With aging or after pregnancy too often the breasts start to sag. Surgery to lift the breasts is available, but it may also affect sexual sensitivity of the nipples.

Thus, home remedies to help regain perkiness in the breasts are important. Home remedies such as work out techniques, use of sports bras and use of weights during exercise may perhaps help to firm and lift the breasts

. Exercise frequently to improve in general health and add exercises such as push-ups and arm circles to tone and firm the breasts.

Step 1

Do arm circles to lift the breasts by strengthening the underlying muscles of the breasts. Repetitions of forward and backward arm circles, done regularly, may help the overall look of the breasts and increase their lift.

Using light weights my also increase the effectiveness of this exercise. Perform three repetitions of 10 arm circles as you start this exercise program.

Step 2

Use free weights to firm breasts. Recline on your reverse on an exercise bench and lift weights up to the shoulders.

Do at least three repetitions of 10. Working out on Nautilus equipment may also help to firm and lift the breasts.

Nautilus exercises that focus on the chest and upper arm areas will help to build and firm muscles underneath the breasts and in the chest region.

Step 3

Add yoga to the exercise regimen. Yoga is a exercise to strengthen the entire body and tone all areas.

Yoga requires the body to be focused and helps with posture, too. Proper posture makes the breasts look higher and firmer. Perform yoga exercises that focus on the breasts and upper arms to help improve breast beauty.


herbal cure for breast tightness


natural supplements for breasts


remedies for sagging breasts

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Owner Operator Truck Driving Jobs: A Luctative Profession

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Owner Operator Truck Driving Jobs: A Luctative Profession


Articles Manager

Nowadays, people from all over the world look for making their career in the truck driving industry. The industry is preferred because of a number of features such as handsome salary, flexible working schedules and other benefits. A simple search through the internet helps you to come across vacancies of owner operator truck driving jobs such as owner operator flatbed, owner operator driver van, owner operator tanker, owner operator reefer, owner operator car hauler and so on. The job can easily be availed, but there are some criteria set by the company for job seekers.

There are a number of reputed and known logistic service providers and companies come up offering jobs for owner operators to the individuals who are competent to handle day do day operations and business activities. When it comes to hire professionals, a very stringent and transparent process takes place. A job seekers can apply for owner operator truck driving jobs just by vising a a job portal and applying for the posts. Users need to provide some details such as personal details, contact address and qualification to the portal.

There are a number of benefits associated with the owner operator truck driving jobs. A person is not only drives a truck, but also he is an owner of the truck so that he gets paid huge amount. When you drive your truck for them, you are paid for the driver’s allowance as well. To earn a handsome amount of money, you are advised to seek for a owner operator truck driving jobs.

Requirements to fulfill for a owner operator truck driving job

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There are a number of requirements need to accomplish to get a job in the driving industry. Some of the common requirements are as follows:

The applicants must have a full automobile driving licence

They must be over 18, in some specific cases 25

The applicants should be able to speak English fluently

They should be physically fit

They must be willing to work round the clock

To get the job, job seekers are advised to explore the internet. There are a number of companies available seeking professionals. is leader in providing

Owner Operator Truck Driving Jobs

, owner operator jobs and truck driver owner operator jobs in United States. Find more

Truck Driving Owner Operator Jobs

for truck driving.

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